I had the privilege of spending some time with BJ Murrey, the new Regional Director for Central America for World Orphans. Last time I saw him, it was at Mike Vinsons' new place in Colorado over a year ago. At that time BJ had said he was headed to Guatemala to work with WO and had to take care of some financial obligations first. He has stuck to his word and commitment and paid off his debts, loaded up his truck and drove here with the purpose of overseeing the work of World Orphans. Since then I had been invited to join the Board of World Orphans.

We had a chance to catch up and then Bill & Patricia Mossman joined us and had a chance to speak with BJ regarding the work that WO is doing. Who knows how this might all fit together down the road for everyone. Bottom line it was wonderful to see him and I am excited about his heart for the Lord and his desire to see widow's and orphans taken care of by the Church.

For those of you who would like to know more about World Orphans:


Paul Myhill said…
Thanks for the update, John. I'm in Zambia right now and woud love to catch up with you upon my return!

Blessings, Paul

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