I am in Xian, pronounced (shee-ann) -- it gets very confusing with the Che and She sounds. Anyway -- I was met at the airport by my local guide whose name is Daisy. I had a meal at the airport and then was transported to the Hotel. I am staying fairly in the center of town at a place called the Lee Garden Hotel. I found out that the name "Lee" means black horse -- which is supposed to be beautiful -- so I am staying at the Black Horse Hotel or Beautiful Black Horse Hotel -- However....this horse needs some water and a run around the track!

First day of sightseeing took us to the Big White Goose Pagoda, which was built by the emperor from the Quin Dynasty I believe -- this temple was built after he traveled for nearly 10 years to Italy and back and brought the influence of Tao Buddhism to China (I think I heard that correctly -- perhaps not) -- anyway -- like other buildings in Italy -- this one also has started to lean -- I was told about the leaning while on the third floor -- and then I saw engineers with measuring equipment on the 4th floor -- needless to say -- I didn't stay long on the 7th floor!



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