My last day in Beijing was met with sleeping in until 9:00am (Yeh!) breakfast, packing and then Jack (Lien Xiu) picked me up at the hotel at 11:00am for my last day of sightseeing. We were on our way to the Summer Palace. The Summer Palace was frequented by the Emperor and is situated on a very large piece of land. There is a huge man made lake in the center and a famous part of the Palace is the 17-Arch Bridge. Because the Chinese believe that the number 9 is a strong number -- no matter which way you count -- you end up at 9 in the middle.

The pics I have are from one of the Iron Sculptures in Front of the Palace building -- where they conducted Business while vacationing here -- also there are shots from a very long corridor, 750 meters to be exact, which leads to the launch of the dragon boats (I have that on video) then there are some shots through these wonderfully shaped windows that made for interesting photographs. The tall temple you see at the top of the Hill was built for the Emperor Dowager (Dragon Lady) for her 60th birthday. I guess it was a long hike up the hill, sing happy birthday, blow out the candles and a long schlep down!

The last shot is of a big Pagoda near the center of the lake and then the 17-arch bridge.

Drove to the airport and had McDonald's for lunch and then off to Xian. Which is located an hour and half by air in the south west direction of Beijing. I'll spend 3 days there and will fill you in as we go.

for now......



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