St. Matthews - Cape Town, South Africa

Had a really good time at St. Matthews last night -- spoke to a nice group, shared my testimony and had a chance to have some wonderful conversations and pray with people afterwards. It was a bit shaky for me as I arrived at 4:30pm for a sound check -- because I was going to sing a couple songs and my voice was going. You know when the voice goes -- it just goes.

I met with Mike, the pastor before hand and had a really good conversation about how the church was doing and getting to know him and the ministry here. Graeme (derek's brother) dropped me off and then he and Vanessa his wife joined us for the service at 6:00pm.

The Lord held my voice up and I got through and even made it through Wonderful Cross at the end. I am going to meet with a couple people later this week here and look forward to getting to know them all a bit better.

Really going to enjoy my time here in beautiful Cape Town till Thursday -- I hope to get some nice pics to upload of the sea -- just beautiful.

Had a great lunch today with Vanessa and then I got to get a 4- hour nap!

The photos are of the plane through the window at Durban International before I took off -- the next shot is of Table Moutain from a distance and the third shot is from the beach -- it is so beautiful here -- back to Durban tomorrow and then off to China on Friday.



Jeff Johnston said…
It's funny I'm reading a good book right now by Tommy Tenney, and David Cape. It's called God's secret to greatness. I think David Cape lives in Port Elizabeth. Is that near Cape Town at all?
GreginLaLa said…
Beautiful country! Safe trip to China and our prayers our with you! Looking forward to reading what happens next! It's like a cool movie! Love you, John!

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