I had a chance to share at Oasis church this morning. I had the privilege of attending a 2-day conference on the Holy Spirit last week and also last Sunday's service at Oasis. It was a refreshing time for me and helped me feel prepared for my quick trip to India. Pastor Gareth has lead a great group of people who are doing a wonderful work. They are situated right on the edge of the township in Bhekulwandle and have a very diverse congregation and have done a wonderful work with HIV/AIDS. They have monthly testing Sunday's, they have an HIV/AIDS support group and also support Seed of Hope Ministries (Formerly MEDSA). There are members of the medical profession in the congregation that also serve in this area. Gareth has served on the Board for S.O.H. and has recently been elected as Board Chair. So grateful for his giftings and support in this vital ministry.

I have found a new extended family with this Church and I thank God that I got to share some of what the Lord has done in my life with them today!


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