Dear friends:

it is now 7:50pm -- I am going to go to bed in 5 minutes. Arrived this afternoon -- the flight was brutal for me - especially the Johannesberg to Dubai -- having done that flight a week and a half ago back up to India -- I slept from Dubai to Beijing -- got into my hotel and my tour guide took me to the place to eat for dinner and now I am going to bed. Tomorrow morning I will go to Tien amin Square (sp?) and the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven tomorrow. So far -- the airport is beautiful (second pic - train to arrivals terminal - first pic -- arrival terminal) -- the city is very modern -- not what I had in my head as far as China -- but that is an evoloving picture.

I was greeted by my tour guide (Jack - in photo with phone) and he will be showing me around beijing for the next few days. I am looking forward to seeing the sights -- sleeping, resting and just being grateful for the gift God has given me of seeing the world.

I'll take in all I can and share it with you along the way......



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