Ok -- so now I know why it is one of the great wonders of the World. By the time you get to the top -- it packs a good Wallop. If you have ever been to the Great Wall then you know how steep the climb can be. We went to the part of the wall in Badaling and didn't take the regular route of all the people -- because it was too crowded -- Jack said- - this one is more challenging and is higher -- I was really challenged when I got to the steepest part -- you practically can climb up the stairs on your hands and feet.

It was worth it when you reach the top -- just amazing piece of history -- and very beautiful. It is fall here in China and the leaves are starting to turn colors. There is a famous saying by Mao that you must have your picture taken in front of -- and it is supposedly a rite of passage into there you are.....



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