Jack asked me if I would like to see the Olympic Village. I said yes. It has just opened up to the Public. I was in India during the Olympics and only saw a small part of one of the ceremonies -- the Birds nest was beautiful all lit up. Well I had the privilege of seeing it up close. The pics you will see are the Birds Nest Stadium -- It is massive and holds 91,000 people. The other shots are of the Courtyard to the Olympic Village with the Tower and also the Swimming Center, and the other Buildings where the Games were held.

There is another interesting building -- it is a tall tower with 4 other smaller buildings behind it. It was done in the shape of a Dragon and is Beijing first 7-Star Hotel -- very interesting design.

....and speaking of Olympics -- the entrance to my next site was the Great Wall of China in Badaling -- which is where the Paralympics were held -- you can see a sign there as well....



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