It is now 9:50pm on Thursday evening. I just returned a little bit ago from Durban Airport -- picking up Praise Nkosi. Praise is here to speak at a Youth Event at Seed of Hope tomorrow afternoon and also to translate for me The Diagnosis To Discipleship Conference that begins tomorrow evening at 6:00pm. It will be registration and then a dinner and I will share my story and that will be the first night. Saturday will begin with breakfast/tea and then we will start the first of our 6 sessions. The conference ends with a sit down dinner for the participants and a parting gift and certificate for participation. I am really looking forward to pouring into the lives of those that will attend. The main goal for the conference is to give people a chance to see that there is life beyond a diagnosis and to understand just how we can live the abundant life that Jesus promises us.

I hope to have some photos for you later........

Sunday it will be off to Cape Town for a visit with Graeme & Vanessa Liebenberg and speaking at St. Matthews Church on Sunday evening.....till then....



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