D2D - South Africa

OK -- It is 10:30 pm and I am just updating the blog here. We finished with the conference around 7:00pm -- as planned. I will say this is one of the most punctual groups that I have dealt with in Africa -- we almost started and finished on time for everything -- amazing. We passed out our Certificates for the group tonight and I had a chance to try and pronounce the names in Zulu -- I basically murdered the names -- especially the "clicking sounds" but that was part of the closing entertainment!

We had a really powerful time in the last couple days. A few people were not able to come back from last night -- but we still had a group of around 38. I was amazed that their attention span lasted through the day. God really blessed our time together -- we covered quite a bit of material. Emma, from Oasis taught the class "Accepting the Facts" and had a very inspired story with pictures that told the details in such a creative way. It served as a basis for reference for the whole day -- Dr. Jane Hampton did a wonderful job in teaching us how to "Manage our Bodies" and I spoke on "Applying Faith", "Communicating Positively", "Managing Spiritual Health", and "Life In Christ."

We had a time prayer for each person afterwards and even had communion together as a group -- a powerful time of remembering the Lords sacrifice for us. When it came time to have communion -- there was a good group of people that wanted to receive Christ for the first time, so they could participate in Communion -- which was a thrill for all of us!

Praise Nkosi -- what would we have done without him? -- he interpreted for everyone! All the sessions and did such a great job. I tell you I feel I am joined with him at the Hip -- it is so natural to minister with him. We even had him lead us in worship many times during the day.

Heather Liebenberg, Scott Kotze and Karen Pretorious fixed such a wonderful dinner and fixed up the dining room with candles , fresh flower arrangements, non-alcoholic cider and such great touches -- I felt spoiled myself and I know the group who participated was really blessed. We were able to pray for each person and send them out with a blessing.

I am really "Spent" as they say. But I cannot tell you what it feels like to impart to others the Life and Hope that God has given me through His Son Jesus and see these individuals leave with a heightened sense of purpose and calling -- what a great privilege.

The First pic is a group shot with most of the participants -- some had to leave early - the second -- of one of the tables at our dinner together.

Tomorrow morning - I take Praise to the airport for a 6:30am flight -- he goes to Johannesburg -- I leave an hour an a half later to Cape Town and will be speaking at St. Matthews Church tomorrow evening at 6:00pm. I will let you know how it goes. I will be in Cape Town for the next 5 days -- hoping to rest up before China.......

So grateful for the whole group at Oasis & Seed of Hope -- what a family!



So great to see how God is using you to encourage brothers and sisters with HIV - and those who are ministering with them too! Amazing (though not surprising considering His nature) about how God is able to touch people in every place deep down in their point of need - and how He can use us weak and broken vessels for His glory!

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