On Sunday evening, September 7th, I was asked to sing at Hyderabad Baptist Church in their evening service. It is a very large church in town and one of the Pastors David Golopolas had invited me. I sang a song and they were very appreciative and expressive! I felt blessed and from their response -- so did they. Pastor David (First Photo in Center to my left) asked me to join them the following night as he wanted me to address the Youth Group. September 8th - I did come back on that Monday night and shared my testimony and it impacted quite a few people. David told me there was something about my story that was really hitting the people in this area. He and the congregation wanted to pray for me that God would continue to use me for His service both there and around the world. I felt completely embraced by this church.

Before I left, David asked me if I would consider flying back up to India for a Youth Rally that they are having on Oct. 2nd. I said if you can raise the funds for the ticket -- I will come. So on Oct. 30th I will leave for Hyderabad, India from South Africa -- arrive on the 1st and rest -- speak on the 2nd and then fly back to South Africa on the 3rd. I know it sounds crazy -- but when you feel you are supposed to do something -- you just do it! Pray for that event and for the Youth!



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