The Seat Of Mercy

Trevain interpreted for me again in the evening at the Pastors Conference. After visiting the first village and then the school -- we ended on a rooftop with nearly 50 pastors. I had a chance to share the message that I give called "The Seat of Mercy" -- it is basically what I believe to be God's heart toward those who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Actually it runs deeper than that --it is the place that as Christians we should reflect the love of God -- barring judgement, knowing that " one is righteous, no not one." Rom. 3:10. I ended the service singing the song Wonderful Cross. It echoed throughout the evening, throughout the village -- up to a starlit sky -- the words explaining how God showed his love by dying for us on a cross to pay for our sins. There was a real change of heart that took place.


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