If you look at the woman in the beige jacket in the center of the photo - -her name is Victoria. She is the woman in a few photos down on the page where I was praying with Wickus in her little room in Princess Settlement. That was on Sunday, September 21st in the afternoon. On her bedside table I saw the medicine that she had -- it was vitamin C and vitamin B -- no ARV's -- Wickus brought her to the hospital on Monday September 22nd. He was told from the doctor that she had a bad cold. She was discharged 4 days later. She came to visit church on Sunday, September 28th and was seated outside afterwards to visit with a few people before she was brought back to her room in Princess Settlement. She died in her sleep that night at 9:30pm. I just got the news from Pastor Cyril.

Even her own sister did not know what was wrong with her -- she left this planet without the people closest to her even knowing that she had AIDS -- It was confirmed later that is what she had. So much farther to go regarding Stigma and this disease. May Victoria Rest In Peace.


GreginLaLa said…
That is both heartbreaking and outrageous! I'm so sorry for her, although I believe she's in a much better place now. I guess it's more heartbreaking for those who are in a similar position. What needs to be done about this? And what can I do?

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