After church a brother named Wickus was talking about working with some people in a settlement who were sick. I asked the pastor if he would take me after service and after lunch. So he said yes -- we got in the truck and went on our way. Wickus took us to a Settlement called the "Princess Settlement." Such a funny name for that place. It was at this place that we encountered many who were sick. We had a chance to speak with individuals about their situation, pray with them and hear some really challenging stories. There are plans to put up a structure to have an ongoing outreach to the people there. A metal container would serve well. It could be set up for the equivalent of about 5000 South African Rand which is about 700 US Dollars -- A.G.A.P.E. was able to put a down payment of 500 SA Rand towards the purchase as an incentive to move forward. The needs are great. Thank God for people who are willing to step up to the plate and just start -- Brother Wickus is one of those guys. So glad to partner with them!


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