A Journey By Overnight Train to KAKINADA

This was an HIV Awareness Meeting that took place in a Village called Karakuduru -- After an all night train from Hyderabad to Kakinada (we slept in bunks 6 to a section) we arrived in Kakinada and stayed with Brother Nobel & his wife and children. Brother Nobel is a retired police chief who dedicates himself to sharing the gospel in his town and in nearby villages and outlying areas. In fact, he told me the next time I come he is going to take me to a place where you have to hike up and over a moutain to get to a village to see this tribal group of people. Also -- there is a place called Hope Island where you travel by larger boat and then because it gets shallow -- you have to jump down into another boat and they take you to shore -- I told him - I'm IN! Next trip. He set up this meeting for this wonderful group of people -- who presented me with their traditional flower leigh.

This meeting was atteneded by villagers in this area -- many were infected -- some learned about the disease -- we prayed for almost everyone -- so humble and beautiful. I had fun with the kids afterwards and their animals -- I hope to load some video for you.


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