This conference, Diagnosis to Hope, was created out of the stages that I went through in my life and broken down into 6 sections. A.G.A.P.E. (A Global AIDS Perspective Enterprise) was the main sponsor of the event and partnered with Nireekshina Clinic run by Dr. Sujai & Dr. Lavanya and also with Trevain Raj Kumar of NeoLifeMission Trust. We started on 29th Aug. and ran through the 31st Aug. We were able to house 27 particpants and their children for 3 days and give them each a bible, meals, 3 days seminar, a certificate for graduation and a parting gift of set of sheets for their bed. It was a powerful time and we experienced the Love of God in very powerful ways as people were really set free from much stigma in their lives. This was a major event for many of these individuals who have never slept anywhere than their home -- they were treated very well they said! We hope to do an annual conference in Hdyerabad.


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