After a day of rest, getting a new mobile phone number/Sim card and having some time with Andi & Sheba Eicher from Jeevan Sahara Kendra -- We headed up to a Retreat Center near Mira Road outside of Thane. It was held at a nice facility that is owned by the Catholic Church and it is rented out to groups for retreats and conferences.

This particular Conference was called Blessed to Be a Blessing. The premise being God has poured into our lives so that we can give to others. There were about 45 HIV Positive believers who attended along with their children. In some cases it was husband and wife -- other times single parents with their kids along with the staff of Jeevan Sahara Kendra. This is my 3rd Conference with them and my 4Th trip to spend time with them and their ministry.

It was so great to see so many individuals that I had met for the first time a couple years ago. At that time some of them had recently been diagnosed, or were new in their faith and were still very overcome by the circumstances in their lives. IT was great to be able to seem them enter into a fuller place of freedom over the past couple years and to see them walk into rooms with a sense of strength and hope -- all the shame that used to be there seemed to be gone. Those who were couples -- I felt that there was a deeper sense of their relationships having persevered thru some very rough waters. For me, to see God blessing these individuals and having them come to learn more was a great refreshment to me and an encouragement in this kind of work.

We spent from Thursday Evening through Sunday Afternoon together and covered quite a bit of ground. -- I'll share some photos and thoughts on the same.....


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