I spent this morning with my friends at Jeevan Sahara Kendra -- the Christian Organization dedicated to those living with HIV/AIDS. We had our devotional time together and then I had a chance to visit with Marice Andrews -- the Dr. wife of my friend Nathan -- Marice has been volunteering at the clinic for sometime now.

I also got together with James (Left in Photo) and spent some time talking over getting to Hyderabad next week. He is coming for the week to work with us at the conference in that city -- looking forward to it!

By the way -- in getting ready today and running late -- I jammed my toe in a chair at Dr. Stephen's house -- and it was fine at first -- but as the day went on -- it started to really hurt. Had to put shoes on for support and I am limping a bit -- such a doof!

Spent the evening with a good brother Zen and the members of his home fellowship in Mulund. I got a chance to share about what has been happening with me and to also hear about the HIV work that Zen is leading through this church. He has really grown and is just a blessing to be with. Both he and his wife have stepped out in faith to move into this work --

There was also a gentleman who was there that I had met when I did a mini concert at this school last year. He was very sick and very skinny when I met him then -- he is looking stronger -- his face was full of life and he was thanking God for how far he has come.......

very late here -- almost 2:00am -- have to be up at 7:00am to go....



GreginLaLa said…
Hey John! Have really enjoyed reading through your exploits. So amazing. I hope you're able to post more video as well. We're praying for anointing upon you as well as blessing upon the lives you have and will touch. Awesome blog -- and that little guy that was your shadow, so sweet! Be well and watch the toe!
GreginLaLa said…
Hey John! Have really enjoyed reading about your exploits. Hope you can post more video. The trip in from the airport looked very interesting. Also, love the little guy that became your shadow. So sweet! We're praying for God's continued anointing and for blessing upon all you have and will touch. Awesome blog! Be well and watch the toe!

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