Ok -- it is Thursday afternoon here -- and we are getting ready for the conference this weekend. Such a continual learning experience to partner with different cultures and the diversity that comes with all of that to organize an event. I always learn alot!

I haven't been taking pictures or video as I have been really busy. The conference is from Friday at 6:00pm till Sunday at 3:00pm. Then I will head to pack and go to the train station where Trevain and myself will take an overnight train (500 Kilometers) to some outlying village area. I hope to take video on this trip and show you a whole other view of things. So far when I look at the video that has gone out -- it is a very different version of the whole picture here -- I will share as much as I can.

James D'Costa from Jeevan Sahara Kendra and Trevain Kumar from NeoLifeMission and his assistant Kumar have been a tremendous help in the planning of things here. Looking forward to a great time -- Most of the participants are quite poor and also 70% will not be able to read or write -- a different challenge. God is bigger than all of that.

I hope to get you pictures and video sometime next week and catch you up with what has happened -- too much in one day it seems.

It is a privilege to be here and see the honesty of life unfold in all its beautiful brokenness......



Anonymous said…
Amazing video and no "oh $&^%!" expletives from your mouth!

Your brother,

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