I found a couple shots that I wanted to upload for you guys to see. The first couple shots are of Dr. Stephen Alfred on the site of the New Construction for LOK Hospital back in Thane near Mumbai. This new facility will actually have 10 floors and will have a far greater capacity than the existing hospital which is only 4 stories.

Here is a link to the existing website which tells you a bit more about Dr. Stephen and the Hospital.
This is a very worthwhile effort and if you would want to donate to a work that is truly changing lives -- this is one of them. In the USA you can go to

Dr. Stephen & his wife Claire and their boys Joshua & Ben have been very gracious hosts to me on my visits to Thane. I have stayed with them at their house on every trip.

Jeevan Sahara Kendra -- the ministry to those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS is actually under LOK Hospital. When this new hospital is constructed, the existing hospital will be handed over to Jeevan Sahara Kendra becoming a totally dedicated HIV/AIDS Facility. I am not sure but it could be the first in the area.

Keep this project in your prayers.....



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