I thought I would take a quick moment to share with you where I and the team are staying here in Hyderabad. The Pastor's Centre at St. Josephs Church. James and myself are staying on the first floor and so we get to hear all the activity in the place and when school is in -- or let's out -- there are hundreds of kids (see photo) -- it is really a blast from the past.

What is also kind of funny is that there is a curfew -- at 9:30pm -- the gate to the front of the Church grounds are locked -- and so is the door into the dorm rooms. On two Occasions, James and I have run or told our drivers to hurry so we can get back and then run up the stairs to get in the place before they lock the doors. And when they say 9:30pm -- they mean 9:30pm. I have found it quite entertaining -- running up the stairs or I am going to get into trouble -- a blast from the past!

Additionally -- I am getting to take traditional bucket baths in the morning without any hot water (which is no sacrifice by any means) I just find myself instead of showering before I eat -- putting it off until after I have some food in my stomach -- perhaps to withstand the chill......

There is a shot of Trevain (NeoLifeMission) a co-sponsor of the Diagnosis to Hope conference and James D'Costa (Jeevan Sahara Kendra) Administrator of Conference and my assistant and also myself in a photo at the top of the stairs. I would not have been able to do this without both of them and also Kumar whose photo you will see soon.

This is a wonderful place and I am so grateful to God for the staff at the center and for Priest who runs it -- a great group of people.

The conference starts in just a couple hours -- so it is time to go back with my handouts and get dressed.....thank God I don't need to bath again.....



We have been praying for you Bro!

Super to hear that the conference went well and was blessed.

We are very proud of all that God is doing through you in every way!


Andi and Sheba, Asha and Enoch

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