Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Arrived in Mumbai International Airport on Tuesday August 12Th around 10:30pm after a 14 hour flight from New York. I must say that I was able to sleep a bit on this plane -- but it was a challenge at the last stretch. We ended up taking off about 45 minutes late as we sat at the runway. The pilot came on to apologize for the delay and said that we had to wait as there were 16 planes in front of us. I thought, couldn't we honk and pass on the right like they do in India? No such luck.

I had finished up the design project I was working on just at Saturday Afternoon -- so there was not much time - in fact 48 hours to move from my "home-tel" and put my stuff in my office and get prepared to leave for 3 months. I guess I am getting a bit faster at the process - -but if it wasn't for good people like my friend Mac (as in Mac my friend the person not the computer -- although my other Mac is helpful as well!) who helps me with stuff while I am gone -- I could never do what I do! Thanks Mac!

After passing through Passport Control and picking up my bags -- I went through customs and exited the doors of the airport which is always an event. There is usually a very large crowd of people. In fact it can be in the hundreds sometimes. I remember the very first time I arrived -- I was overwhelmed with the faces and not knowing where to go and all the taxi drivers approaching me for transportation -- Thankfully, this time I was met by Willie who has driven for many years for Dr. Stephen. It was nice to see a familiar face in such a far away land and get right into the swing of things. As we drove off I could see a bit more this new terminal that had been built. (see video clip) He helped me with my bags and we headed through the Mumbai traffic and towards Thane where Dr. Stephen & Claire Alfred live and where I will be stationed for the next week.

I attempted to shoot some video on a new camera that I am just getting used to. I hope to be able to get some snippets that are interesting for you -- when possible. Please bare with me as I am learning how to shoot, edit, download, upload and all --

Till later....



SueAnne said...

Hello John!!

Wow! Great Blog! I loved the little video! Any of it helps us out here in U.S.A ville!

Super-duper blessings to you.



michael vinson said...

Thanks for the prayer today! Know that I have prayed for you brother. Keep moving forward in His strength.

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